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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LeadTheWay - And In Vengeance We Strike - 2011

LeadTheWay es una espléndida banda de Hardcore Punk melódico. Tienen un sonido fuertemente influenciado por bandas como: Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Rise Against, Face To Face, Jawbreaker, entre otras.
Bastante recomendable esta última producción.

País: Reino Unido

And In Vengeance We Strike cover art


01. If It's Fixed
02. Same As The Old Boss
03. Is This Who We Are?
04. Headlines
05. Hands That Built The Nation
06. A Chance To Redeem 
07. Born To Bear Their Burden
08. Holy Shit 
09. Broken
10. Near The Harbours
11. Hiding Behind The Flag
12. And In Vengeance We Strike