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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jet Market - Sparks Against Darkness - 2011

Jet Market retorna con un álbum que está realmente fantástico.
Hardcore Melódico desbordante en energía, velocidad y técnica.

País: Italia


01. Lame Attempts At Improving A Lost Art
02. My Deep Black Nights
03. 15 Hundred Miles For A 15 People Show
04. Aiming High
05. Sparks Against Darkness
06. You Can Always Make My Day
07. Used To The Worst
08. The Missing Link
09. Don't Say You're Sorry. Because You're Not
10. Wayfarers
11. As Tides Change
12. Hate Is Baggage
13. Expectations Vs. Facts
14. Myth Became Legend, Legend Became History



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