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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Belvedere - The Revenge Of The Fifth (Review)

Talk about the legacy that builds Belvedere over the years is always a honor that only few media people have, and this time I have the honor to write my first album review from a release of Belvedere, twelve years has past to see another album, the band has experimented many changes in these years, such as the evolution of their style and sound, and the age and mature of the members, also as you know after the split up of Belvedere another band born from the ashes of the first one.

This band was This Is A Standoff featured by the drummer Graham Churchill and the main vocalist Steve Rawles, so with 2 albums and 1 EP TIAS split up, no one think about a Belvedere’s Reunion and the return to the stages too fast, and something that everyone is passed out is the fact that Steve Rawles release a solo songwriter acoustic indie album titled Bonus Room in the 2011, this is the most hard influenced vocals style in this new album of Belvedere.

2012 the year when Belvedere announced a reunion show, Europe and Canada the places to see again the band since 8 years since they split up, in this moment the excited adrenaline invades me again, could be possible we have the honor to see again an another album of Belvedere, in that moment I was absolutely excited about it.

And we are here, the year 2016 the album is released but with the years that excitement comes down over the time since Belvedere return again to the stages, as you known we don’t have again that amazing old school style of Belvedere as we heard in ‘Twas Hell Said or Fast Forward Eats, and the band lost a great member, the drummer Graham Churchill, as the new album comes close to release some disappoint invades me when the first two songs of the new album were released “Hairline” and “Achilles”, so we can’t expected much more about the whole album but we need to wait for it to listen it complete and make a final conclusion.


The intro song of the album is so freak out; amazing track to take the honor to be the track number one from the album, back vocals from Scott made you hear that the old Belvedere is back again to show us how the melodic hardcore is done in the maple country.


The second one is nice, the riff solo in the beginning starts good, but in this track we hear the evolution of the voice of the main vocalist Steve Rawles, so if you look the old energetic and scream voice of Steve as we hear it in the past you are out, outstanding the final solo riff.


One of the best song in whole album without a fail, in this one we hear a clearly close old style vocals from Steve, speed and energetic voice is here, the song have many crazy solo/riffs performance in all the song, sadly is a too short song.


Starts in the old style of Belvedere it sounds like we have a song from ‘Twas Hell Said Former Child or Fast Forward Eats The Tape album, the beginning starts with the back vocals in his pure old style performed by Scott, maybe Transmissions will be the most fast song in the album, another great song but the length takes cost about it.


The start of this song comes with a great solo and the voice of Steve making a great intro in it, from one part we have fast and great vocal parts from Steve and the auxiliary moments from the back vocals of Scott, you need to include to this song some parts with great riffs by the guitars and great performed solos too.

Revenge Of The Fifth

Isn’t as we can desire as a pure Belvedere old style song, but in a certain points have great parts, one of them is in the middle of the song when we can hear one of the most amazing solos in all the songs from the album, fast as the song it is and the back vocals saves the song with an epic end.

Red Pawn’s Race

This song isn’t as a pure old style Belvedere but is a great song, this maybe is the perfect evolution we can expect from Belvedere after 12 years, great intro, powerfully, beautiful in all the senses, but we back with that vocals that in some times don’t express all the feeling that we found in the old Belvedere albums, curious case in these song, the back vocals from Scott don’t appear.


Sadly in my own point of view is the worst song in all the album comes to Achilles, this song is like you hear a song from Bonus Room solo songwriter album from Steve Rawles, isn’t bad if you see in other angle and judge it, but this is Belvedere, and in whole song we don’t see and in a neither case the evolution of them.

The Architect

Unexpected song that takes shape as many hears you do to it, a sublime song that have everything you love from Belvedere it has the two styles from times is fast, and from another is slow beautiful filled emotional riff solo song. You love it or hate it.

So Above, So Below

Hard to make an opinion for this song but it has an aggressive back vocals performed by our great savior of the album Scott, without him we have a slow song with no soul on it.

Carpe Per Diem

Energetic intro and beginning with some scream back vocals and a furious appearance from Steve but the song is from some moments monotonous, but Scott appears again with his classic back aggressive screamed vocals, great end with some technical old Belvedere style.

Generation Debt

We expect much more from the final song, something like: the last song will be one of the best of the whole album, but this time everything about that is gone, this song is one of the worst like Achilles, hard to find shape in every aspect of this one, the beginning is great but with the course of the song it turns bored and slowly.

Belvedere is back with a good album full of surprises many of them gratefully for the old and a fresh opportunity for those new fans, the old and new Belvedere is included in this new album, in their amazing career with 5 albums now in them back, the purest songs of the old style are: Shipwreck, Years, Transmissions and Delicastressin, the other 8 songs are the new Belvedere style but with hard roots from the old one, so isn’t bad at all, enjoy the album, because is Belvedere, no more words.

Final Score: ★★★✩✩

Review written by: Punkerman_00 
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