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Sunday, October 30, 2016

NOFX - The Hepatitis Bathtub And Other Stories (Audiobook) (2016)

Hey folks, I made a 128 rip, because the same file in 320 or V0 quality weights almost 2TB! However, it sounds perfect at 128. Enjoy ;)

'NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories', read by band members "Fat Mike" Burkett, Eric Melvin, Erik "Smelly" Sandin, and Aaron "El Hefe" Abeyta along with special guest narrator musician and comedian Tommy Chong. In addition, the audiobook features exclusive, previously unreleased tracks, 'Bouncy' (a NOFX instrumental), 'La Pieta' (Fat Mike piano & vocal song about his mother), and 'Young Drunk & Stupid' (live NOFX song from an Idaho basement gig in 1986).

Genre: Audiobook / Autobiography
Quality: MP3 128kbps
File Size: 688 MB
Duration: 12 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
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Download: MEGA


  1. the link no longer works. Any chance you can reupload. thanks a lot!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post, big fan. Keep up the good work andplease tell me when can you publish more articles or where can I read more on the subject?
    The Obstacle Is The Way

  3. Thanks So Much, Greetings From Argentina, I read the book some time ago, now I wanna listen to the audio version.