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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Darko - Bonsai Mammoth (Review)

I never thought to open this new year with a review for a UK band, Bonsai Mammoth starts the year for this unique style also know as a new kind of melodic hardcore / skatepunk scene, if you don’t known Darko (Guildford, England), you miss some precious time, with 4 EP’s in the back.

This new production is the first LP released by the band with more 5 years of career, is weird think that in this time the full production came out 5 years later, but it deserves the wait, this new work keeps many similitudes with the last EP titled Sea Of Trees (2014).

Bonsai Mammoth comes with 11 energetic songs, many of them with the classic features of this new school of melodic hardcore on it, with the technique and full speed applied by many actually bands around the world in their songs. The style of each band is unique and in this particular case, Darko born and comes with the best influenced bands like: A Wilhelm Scream, Laughing In The Face, Strung Out and many more around the world.

The first middle part of the new album starts great but the other half is weak in some particular songs, maybe this sensation comes out because the album starts insanely fast and also too technically first 3 songs: Life Forms, Just Short Line and Set In Our Ways, in this case we can hear the variety that the album comes, not in the same energy and power feelings as the first songs, the great first part of the album continues with 2 great songs: This is Love and I Knew I Should Have Taken That Left Turn At Albuquerque, finally the great first part of the album ends with one of the best songs ever written by Darko and also work in the past weeks as the first single and promotional song for the album premiere: Hiraeth, the conclusion part of the album has also 2 great songs: Lifeblood and the last one We Can Stand For Something More

The best songs that in my opinion you grab as your favorites too are: Life Forms, Just A Short Line, Set In Our Ways, Hiraeth, Lifeblood, We Can Stand For Something More.

Life Forms
A clasicc intro with a mid slow drums execution appears to open the album, Life Forms surely can be described as a fast and catchy song, great control in the chorus, in sometimes nice narrative in the vocals performance from Dan Smith, one of the best songs of the album opens the album, the best in the song are the execution of the chorus nice end with the vocals.

Just A Short Line
The continuation of the first song Life Forms if in speed and tecnhnique we say, the beginning of the album is insanely techincally fast, and with Just Short In Line the good way continues, the technically guitars does a great work riffs along the whole song.

Set In Our Ways
Apparentely an uncertainly begin in this song and not the only one with this particular dissapointed case, apparently Set In Our Ways down the energy that we can hear in the past 2 songs, but it gets absolutely better as the time goes, and finally in the end we can hear the best of it with a nice solo ending.

This Is Love
Nice song but the quality decrease and it seems to be more notorious as the times walk, the things that can save This Is Love are the good tappings across the song, the work in the guitars always one step behind the song.

I Knew I Should Have Taken That Left Turn At Alburqueque
With an outsanding and never hear before in the whole album a great intro appears in this song, we can denied the great work in the guitars from Rob Piper and Chris Brown, better than This Is Love because the chorus are a great control too something that absolutely this song needs.

The Chernobyl Effect
The Chernobyl Effect serves as a fucking opening intro to one of the estelar and mainly great productions in all the career of Darko, the Hiraeth song, the next one, but Chernobyl seems to be too short in that case is missed more awesome time of that amazing solo riff tappings.

The album reborn again in the same quality as we hear in the previous songs, with Life Forms too hard to choose the best song of the album, this is because many songs have the same levels of quality. Hiraeth has all the great things from Darko, the technique, nice vocals with harmonies between the execution in each chorus, slow vocals where there be to exist too, and ending the song in a right good way with an insane solo as only Darko does.

In The Company Of Wolves
Again the uncertainly case begin but it gets better inmediately with nice tappings with the guitars the vocals don’t seems in a good control and don’t hear as well the previous nice songs but In The Company of The Wolves gives to Bonsai Mammoth a variety that some fans like or the others don’t at all.

Lifeblood one of the greatest songs, stars uncertainly weak in some aspectas as the technique in there, but it gets betters as the times goes on, back support vocals work to up the song and finally the harmonies execution with the vocals in the chorus lyrics are the best part of the song, from the middle to the end you can hear it.

Dead Hordes
The most weak and in some parts as the simple song of the whole album, not a bad song but if you can hear the best moments of the album you can surely dissapointed with this song, another harmonies in the vocals seems forced and with pressure, but good points are always the nice sound of the drums and the taps of the guitars.

We Can Stand For Something More
Is the last song good as be part of the end of the album?, surely too close to affirm that, but We Can Stand For Something More is as the title song says we expect somehting more to end ina great way the album, nice ending but not as I want it , good handle in the vocals chorus lyrics when they appears along the whole song, the song ends in a slowly execution when finally only hear the vocals from Dan Smith sing the chorus of the song we can assume this is the end of Bonsai Mammoth.

Bonsai Mammoth is one of the most triumphants and first LP’s from Darko with the add of a great and insany fast and technically powerfully melodic hardcore songs made of the style another complete revolution with nice innovations from their respectiful influenced bands, a great start with Life Forms and nice end in a correct way with We Can Stand For Something More, the correct way to reborn the spirit of the album with Hiraeth, or the good control in the chorus and harmonies with Lifeblood, with all these good aspects the consideration that Bonsai Mammoth are for now one of the greatest albums of this 2017, bad points of Bonsai Mammoth will be as we said 3 songs that are not good as the rest but fulfill the goals.

Final Score: ★★

Review written by: Punkerman_00
You can download the review in its original format here: Mediafire


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