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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Top 10 Albums Of 2016

1. Pulley - No Change In The Weather

In my opinion this is by far, the best comeback in 2016. Totally awesome record, it's like a 90's Epi/Fat album released in 2016.

2. Useless ID - State Is Burning

I love this record as much as Pulley's one. Fast and super-catchy melodic punk rock at its best.

3. Friends With The Enemy - Declassified

I've been a fan on this band since their debut EP 'New World Disorder'. Strung Out/AWS sound + nice female melodic vocals.

4. Antillectual - Engage!

Finnest european release in my opinon. Really good composition and smart lyrics.

5. Belvedere - Revenge Of The Fifth

New album from these skatepunk masters since 2004. Solid record, but I think guitar tuning is on standard key, not in D key (down 1 step) like before, and this makes their sound less aggressive.

6. Mute - Remember Death

The whole album has a huge techical level, but I feel they're recycling exactly the same formula used in 'The Raven' or 'Thunderblast' (metallic riffs + crazy solo in every song).

7. Thousand Oaks - Monsters Begetting Monsters

Alessandro Gavazzi never disappoints us. This time comes to light with a fourteen-song album of pure passionate melodic hardcore in the best tradition of Jet Market.

8. Venerea - Last Call For Adderall

Swedish classic punk rockers are back with a killer album. The best mix between aggressive and melodic vocals.

9. Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate

Rad album from californian punk rock legends since twelve years. Many cool bass riffs, and Milo's voice is perfectly preserved.

10. NOFX - First Ditch Effort

No fast songs, but several pretty good tunes. Better said, it doesn't have the fast-tempo style we are used to expect for NOFX albums.



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