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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Top 5 Mini-Albums Of 2016

1. Implants - The Olden Age

These guys are actually my favourite super-band. Shredder EP, only sucks that leaves you with the desire to hear more songs.

2. Crosswise Decay - Trifles

Amazing mini-album from these italian tech-melodic hardcore machines. One of the most promising bands in skatepunk scene if you ask me.

3. Larrakia - Rantallion

These british skatepunkers did a great work too. Clean melodic vocals, catchy choruses and powerful backing gang-shouts.


4. Honolulu Breakdown - Billy Goat

They are back since 'Terrible Hot Cardboard' released on 2009. Now, with a rad six-song EP full of fast and angry melodic hardcore.

5. Gibberish - Between Timid And Timbuktu

Great band, although its members are from different countries of the world, I notice a nice californian punk touch.