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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

V.A. - Sudamérica Sobre Ruedas (2017)

"Sudamérica Sobre Ruedas" is a DIY compilation of 25 bands from 10 different countries, that brings together the very best of the golden decade (2001-2011 in my opinion) of Sudamerican Skatepunk. 
I tried to include more unknown bands, because I think they diserve more listeners and must not be forgotten. And especially, because those oldie bands brings me back a bunch of good memories! 
I hope you enjoy this comp as much as I do. Btw, there will be a second volume with latest/active bands pretty soon! Feel free to share it on your websites, blogs or social networks.


01. Only Fast - Skatherapy (Brazil)
02. Farewell This Time - Nothing Seems The Same (Argentina)
03. 7Dice - Back To Sender (Venezuela)
04. Tio Sam - Encontrando Mi Aire (Colombia)
05. Play Attenchon - En El Más Allá (Peru)
06. WC... - Nunca 2 Veces (Chile)
07. Plunger - You Turned Your Back At Me (Ecuador)
08. Código Rojo - Déjenme Ser (Colombia)
09. Placas 92 - Indiferencia (Argentina)
10. Take Off The Halter - Injection (Brazil)
11. No Big Deal - Jetlagunder (Ecuador)
12. Anhelo - Tu Mirar (Chile)
13. 1ra Edición - Alguna Vez (Venezuela)
14. Solo Tú Puedes - Estrellas En Tí (Peru)
15. Malas Poesías - Desde Lejos (Paraguay)
16. 4no1 - Growin' Up (Uruguay)
17. Collision Course - The Need For Speed (Argentina)
18. Reffer - Feeling Changes (Brazil)
19. Pocaley - Brutal Force (Colombia)
20. Airfax - Oscuro (Peru)
21. Dally - Mi Tímido Amor (Chile)
22. Parche - Acércate A Mi (Bolivia)
23. Nada Que Hacer - Mi Historia (Uruguay)
24. 69 Segundos - Sádicos Sedientos De Sangre (Ecuador)
25. My Own Way - Recuperar (Bonus Track) (Peru)

Genre: Skatepunk / Melodic Hardcore / Punk Rock
Quality: MP3 (Mostly V0 and 320)
File Size: 136 MB
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Label: Screaming Fastcore
Country: South America
Stream / Buy: Bandcamp
Download: Mediafire

1 comment:

  1. The band called "take off the halter" has a new name called "bullet bane"... You should have heard that.