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Friday, May 19, 2017

Blink-182 - California (Deluxe Edition) (Review)

Last year we see a decent return from one of the most world famous pop punk, blink-182 with their last album: California, but before the announcement of the new album we saw a drastically hard remove decision about one member from their lineup, the name of this guy were Tom (guitars), soon after the replacement comes in form of Alkaline Trio influences, the man, Matt Skiba was call to join the empty place, but questions about the style of Skiba were in the table, it can fits at all the unique pop punk style of blink-182?

This new album grabs the old good things about the old school genre from blink-182 and mixed it with new modern pop punk rhythms with hard post hardcore influences in a little songs, California converts since their first listening in the real successor after the great Take Off Your Pants and Jacket album, after disappointed album such as the selftitled and Neighborhoods, the last one more than the others, finally a decent return from the old style from blink 182 has returned from the graves of your memories.

California (Deluxe Edition) contain the original fourteen tracklist songs from California standard and original album plus a new twelve tracks, that works as a bonus album of California, great but it feels like a long album with many songs, but the best songs are Cynical, Bored To Death, Los Angeles, No Future, Kings Of The Weekend, Teenage Satellites and Rabbit Hole, this seven songs have the hard and root influences of the old school style for the blink-182 old fans always love and exactly the half of the album is totally awesome, meanwhile the rest are decent and good songs. The bonus tracklist set features twelve songs and the less of the middle bonus album are awesome because feels like the best songs that you can find in the original California tracklist, you can hear these songs as: Parking Lot, Misery, Wildfire, Lost Long Feeling, Bottom of the Ocean. California without doubt worth it but you need to carefully and listening a few times each part of the album, if you grab the original with the fourteen songs or the bonus album.

Many fans said that this particular song is one of the most fast songs that blink-182 ever written, they aren’t wrong to affirm this, Cynical works as the great song of the whole album that opens the album but lamentably the song fits to be one of the most short of California.

Bored To Death
California starts good and Bored to Death for good appears after Cynical, this song becomes the first single released before the California album’s official release, the support vocals from Matt Skiba fits to the perfection sharing the main vocals from Mark. The intro in the song has hard influences about some particular song that you can find in Take Off Your Pants and Jacket album.

She’s Out Her Mind
The great begin of the album falls when this song appears as the third one, not bad at all but you are noticed about the long duration of California is a weak point against itself so this third song starts the sensation of boring and monotony of whole album in particular in many songs.

Los Angeles
Uncertainly begin with this song but after that weird intro it becomes in one of my favorites songs of California, the energy in the vocals sing from Mark and the back support from Skiba is everything in this song, the pause in some parts of the rhythm in this song made of this a great variation in the whole style.

As the time runs into the song it seems that it makes an improvement itself, as you can hear when the song gets the middle length some slowdown break takes part to make a changes in the style and again the classical rhythm of sober takes place to be a good finish move.

Built This Pool
Built this pool works as a pause or as an outro for California album, so don’t expect more of this song if we can say that is a song, you define if it, particularly is the first of two outros from the album, that works to closes the first part of California, short as the outros will be.

No Future
When you hear No Future maybe you fall in love with this song or maybe not, No Future is one of the best songs together the first two songs of the whole album, the songs works as the most melodic pop song from blink-182 for this last album. The dramatic part appears when Skiba takes part in some solo vocals performance breaks everything.

Home Is Such Lonely Place
A slow pop song from blink-182 the first one to be the most slow, all the song goes in that way, the slow one, maybe this things makes Home Is Such Lonely Place the most weak song but it seems that California shows many faces about blink-182 but this one is the most boring.

Kings Of The Weekend
The fast energy in California album recovers some levels with this song, after you maybe sleep with the last song, you can awake with some enjoyable rhythms that Kings of the Weekend gives across the length of this song, great handle of the drums in a particular case, all of this to Kings of the Weekend a fresh air.

Teenage Satellites
Some levels of that energy that California show us decrease a little with Teenage Satellites but maybe is only is the intro, because is enjoyable the rest of the song not fast as the first two songs, again we have a solo vocal performance in the middle song from Mark Hoppus that impress the progress of the song. The share in scene with Skiba in the vocals is a great point for this song.

Left Alone
The classical pop melodies from the last style that we see in the last albums from blink182 such as the selftitled album, a song that’s doesn’t defines nothing but is not bad but not impressive as other songs in the album.

Rabbit Hole
Again a great song epic energy in the begin to the end crazy drums performance from Travis Baker, Rabbit Hole changes the rhythms occasionally and works in all the senses, some Skiba parts in the vocals, and later Mark Hoppus take the control over the song.

San Diego
The second song with a name of a city of California State maybe that is the main reference that encloses the development of this last album from blink-182, a slow start of San Diego but gets better as the song runs, some nice parts in the solo vocals from Skiba.

The Only Thing That Matters
The intro impress but the illusion falls again is like the long duration of the album feels hard at this point, this song is the fourteen song some good point of this song is a little short add to this the fast performance gets it to end too soon.

In the selftitled album name of the song we expect more of this and adding that is the last song of the album, but in the same way the song goes in a slow pop way that blink-182 show us in this album, so the way to end the album with a slow over-loaded pop song maybe not will be the best way.

Brohemian Rhapsody
The second and official ending album outro, the first one was Built This Pool but that one seems to end a great part of the album, so with the Brohemian Rhapsody we have the official outro to be a shape to end the whole album.

Parking Lot
A start with more doubts that hits, all this bonus album covers all this things while you hear it complete, Parking Lot has the California spirit mid fast pop punk from begin to end but if you came for listen the whole California behind, you expect some open fast pop punk to recharge energy, but that saves Parking Lot is there are worst songs that this one.

Maybe this song is the best from the bonus album, the intro solo performed the boss Mark Hoppus guarantee that everyone in this song fits and works by the correct way, the perfect mix shape of a classic pop punk with some modern slow melodies makes of Misery the best song in the bonus album. Is like Bored Death, a musical successor, awesome lyrics and great uses of the chorus.

Good Old Days
The bad things in California get a little worse with many songs in this bonus album, the bored status in songs that we hear in the last songs in California repeats album, and more evident because there are more songs with this style. Good Old Days goes in the same direction as Home Such As Lonely Place, slow pop modern pop punk with no variations in the rhythms.

Don't Mean Anything

This song gets a little better with the chorus in the lyrics that repeats again with pauses and again repeats it, with a rare support in the back vocals from Skiba but again, the best of the song is the outro of this song.

Hey I'm Sorry

The classic modern style that handle the unique pop punk style that has blink-182 with that slow and melodies shape covers this song, the only good thing about this song is the chorus into the whole lyrics, sing with another way with a more energy than the all the song.

Last Train Home
This song sounds like an Alkaline Trio songs into a blink-182, fortunately only the intro sounds all weird shapes but the continued progress song doesn’t get better and continues with this Alkaline Trio sounds in all the senses, maybe the worst song of this bonus album.

Continue with the good way as we hear in Parking Lot and Misery, a wildfire appears as the third good song in this bonus album, a lot of energy and maybe not fast pop punk song but it haves fast little moments in all the song, this songs with the last cited without doubt can fits and replace that ones in the original California release, these are a better ones.

If we have weird songs with hard influenced with the Alkaline Trio’s style this song doesn’t get back and jump in the front of your ears to be the most annoying song in this bonus album, definitively the most experimental song with some parts that doesn’t sound like blink-182 in no one styles, no slow pop punk, no mid fast blink-182 or the modern pop punk that covers California standard edition.

Long Lost Feeling
Again some fan service for old blink 182- fans short and sounds familiar the intro and that guitar with the drums make you remember the style that you can find in Take Off Your Pants and Jacket album with the intro and some solo parts in the whole song. Again we have a slow song but that old style parts made of this song a good one in this bonus album.

Bottom Of The Ocean
This song definitive will be the end of the original tracklist for California replaces California song but maybe California stays in that place because takes the same title from the album name, but this is a little better song. The shape of this song is cover with this modern pop punk in all the blink-182 style that defines the most good songs in California, everything works fine with some main vocals, and back support vocals with the addition of the female vocals as support of Mark Hoppus.

Can't Get You More Pregnant
The outro from this bonus album and the second with more duration works to close a disappointed bonus album, which seems all of these songs doesn’t be the chosen to enter in the official and standard edition of California and stay as the demos one converted in studio version.

Bored To Death (Acoustic) 
Expected that bored to death will be a studio acoustic version, because there are many live performances of this song everywhere, so you only need go to YouTube and search the acoustic version from Bored to Death and your day is make, this version sounds nice but again is a live version.

California Deluxe Edition is a decent return of blink-182 with the main songs of California original release that you can hear the last year and one of the best returns with a really movement in the inclusion of Skiba frontman from Alkaline Trio, plus to this add the little ones from the bonus album, we can hear many inlfuences from the last good album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket in many songs from the standar edition and in the bonus. But not everything is good when you have many boring songs and add to this California weak point in the long duration with sixteen songs.

Final Score: ★★★✩✩

Review written by: Punkerman_00 
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