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Saturday, July 29, 2017

No Trigger - Adult Braces (Review)

Five long years had passed away in the forgotten time line and into the great memories with a good taste that the last album of No Trigger left in the ears of all the fans across every mile in the world, now we have the opportunity to listen a new EP from these melodic hardcore guys from Massachusetts, USA.

Always stayed in the underground scene since they born in the past century (2000) soon after the release of two demos, the great release comes surprisingly out from USA territory, Japan was the place where released Extinction in Stereo (2005), conceived as a compilation from the two demos before released. The consolidation of No Trigger growing up as be one of the new bands that innovate an unique hardcore style with melodic punk rock shapes, also known as melodic hardcore, soon after Canyoneer (2006) was released to kick out our ears with this amazing style that No Trigger delay six long years to reach the mature perfection in every song inside Canyoneer becoming without doubt in their greatest material to the date. With the release of Canyoneer, No Trigger becomes recognized across all USA territory and soon after they are touring across USA and Europe.

After speculation and false rumors about the band had slit up, Be Honest (2010) their second EP comes out featured by two great songs, as a preparation for their second LP that take 2 years to comes out, Tycoon (2012) was released as the Canyoneer’s spiritual successor follow the line of the melodic hardcore No Trigger’s unique style.

Now 5 years later Adult Braces (2017) comes out featured by 4 great songs made and conformed by the origins roots of the forgotten amazing melodic hardcore/hardcore shapes from Canyoneer, Extinction in Stereo and the great melodies from Tycoon, this is Adult Braces, the best EP to the date from No Trigger.

Sleeping Bag
Vamos a tocar with this kind spanish words Adult Braces begin with a slow part but the energy shared with that aggressive and explosive hardcore style moments appears with the great vocals from Tom Rheault, nice riffs with great solos, Sleeping Bag takes shapes and hard influences from the old No Trigger stuff so we can affirm that Sleeping Bag is made with Canyoneer influences inside the whole song. Impressive the way that Sleeping Bag with that shapes makes the first awesome fast song of the whole EP.

Holy Punks
Holy Punks the second song opens quickly with a frenetic begin and a particular vocals style from Tom Rheault that never heard in past albums, Holy Punks have a great way and singular musical shapes maybe influenced from the melodic style of Tycoon showed five years ago, a song plenty of melodic segments with little hardcore parts. Not the most aggressive song from No Trigger but the most nice melodies does the work very well making of Holy Punks one of the best songs from No Trigger career.

Dogs On Acid
Dogs On Acid was the first single released from Adult Braces and without doubt the best song of the EP it had the most hard and deep influences from Canyoneer, unique style from the four songs, singular way to start the song with a too shortly acoustic performance, as the song continue your memories go back in the past remind you Canyoneer album, if you don’t feel this probably you don’t know the magic of Canyoneer, a song from the begin to the end with that classic hardcore aggression with an awesome vocals, epic end with those great chorus from the lyrics song.

Hyperaware closes the EP in the correct way such as a great song with influences taken from the end part songs from Canyoneer in the style line with songs like: Tundra Kids, Hail Mary Leaky and Attack of Orion and the Left Arm Sunburn, as always the unique style is present in each song segment, most of the melodies parts well worked joined with aggressive hardcore parts, amazing control in the vocals from Tom make the song from the beginning to the end a nice success.

Hard to listen an album or EP from No Trigger that makes you disappointed, quality is always too close from their name and with Adult Braces isn’t the exception and probably will be the best EP of the year and from the great career of No Trigger, consolidation is Adult Braces maybe it will born from the union of Canyoneer, Tycoon and addition of the roots return from Extinction In Stereo EP from this last one also you found hard influences that build in good shape Adult Braces, as an EP (Adult Braces) is short but amazing effective and the energy perceived in the 4 songs the form that is structured showed as a full length production. The similarity of Adult Braces with Canyoneer Tycoon and Extinction In Stereo appears instantly with the first song Sleeping Bag and it is maintained to the last one Hyperaware, the five years of waiting for new material worth the time. Adult Braces is scored perfect because the 4 songs are pure quality and clearly influenced by the last three amazing No Trigger’s works LP’s Canyoneer, Tycoon and the EP Extinction In Stereo.

Final Score: ★★★★★

Review written by: Punkerman_00
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