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Monday, August 21, 2017

Windover - Maze (Review)

In this new era, new bands born influenced by the great scene of lately 90’s and 00’s with a new proposal behind their own hands such as the mix of genres as punk rock/melodic hardcore with hardcore/metalcore, this is a special case named Windover, they came from the frozen lands of Oriental Europe to be exactly from Belarus, Minsk. Windover born and bring to us their first and debut EP titled Maze (2017) after the release of the single Revival (2015). 

Revival has another different vocal and nothing to miss with the new work in the vocals behind Maze but Revival feels like more a heavy hardcore old school song and the new EP Maze feels like a modern melodic hardcore/metalcore by the main style used in the performance into the vocals in each song.

Since their first single Revival many changes are come to the band as movements in their lineup after that Maze comes two years later is their first and debut EP with a composition of 4 special and mixed songs that show us and you clearly hear the specific melodic hardcore/metalcore mix that are in the whole EP, specially metalcore influences are located in the main vocals of all the songs behind the melodic part are in the riffs and solos and the heavy touches in the drums and the fine parts in the bass executions.

Maze can be described as a journey that begin with melodic hardcore/skatepunk roots with their first song Wasting Time follow with Stun an aggressive new hardcore style that can fits perfectly in metalcore roots, next to this song we hear Ruthless a mix behind the two past songs, in Maze again we have the purest hardcore roots that Windover employees to finally end with a great song with melodic hardcore roots mainly named Swamp.

Wasting Time
Wasting Time the first track introduces inside the EP with an excelsior intro with great guitars riffs and begins with all fury vocals from the vocalist, in the back you can hear the great work with the guitars, to end with a short riff too. Wasting Time maybe describes itself as a mix of melodic hardcore/metalcore.

Stun continues the journey of Maze with all the aggressive and powerfully deep vocals performance shared the song with nice works in the guitars and the speed in every hit in the drums. The song lost a bit of the technique and melodic hardcore style, as we hear in Wasting Time.


Another song with an awesome riff/solo Ruthless feels like as a more personal song with an unique style in their hardcore vocals under the roots of the old hardcore school so this basically is what a pure emotion song is inside in Ruthless.

Maze is a good song because is the only one that uses the support vocals to give it another vision for the song that you can perceive every second together with this additions we have again the great solo and riffs performance.

Uncertainly begin with Swamp maybe this is because the intro starts with the screaming aggressive vocals but it upturn from the middle song to the end of this one, great mix with the hardcore vocals and the technically guitars with this riff in the middle of the song, the best riff in the EP for sure.

Maze EP approves the test it feels fresh, innovative and with a lot of amazing loads of feelings and emotions in every songs specially in Wasting Time Maze and Swamp the best song s of the EP, maybe this is for the great mix between two genres melodic hardcore and this new and old roots of hardcore used in the whole EP. The most weak song of the EP Stun and in a few degree Ruthless the middle song of the EP. Great begin for Windover maybe the use of back and support vocals as we hear in Maze maybe gives it more satisfaction to more audiences not influenced as strong with the scream and hardcore vocals.

Final Score: ★★★✩✩

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