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Thursday, November 9, 2017

69enfermos - A Place To Call Home (Review)

Legendary skate punkers 69enfermos are back with their first full length release since 2015's "Beyond Borders". "A Place To Call Home" was released via Morning Wood Records back in July. Skate punk is my weakness, and this album delivers on that. I am beyond stoked to have the opportunity to review this record. Forming in 1995, "A Place To Call Home" is representative of the fact that the band have not lost their touch.

The Lie
Kicking off the album on a good note, The Lie starts off fast and energetic. The track starts off with a killer bass line, Fantastic way to set the tone for the record. It brings the sound that makes you feel like a teenager again, assisting in keeping the spirit.

The second track of the record brings us another energy/melody packed track detailing that you cannot choose when and where you were born, but if we move past our indifferences we as a whole can make the world a better place.

Including a great riff, and some stellar drum work track 3 of "A Place To Call Home". This song has a deeper meaning as it tackles the issue of people being labeled by color and race and the effects that these labels have on those that they are placed on.

A Place To Call Home
The album's title track explains how things are not always as they seem in photos, while certain things are glorified and others are completely looked over. While most look at South America as a vacation spot for the summer, the media sometimes becomes hung up on that fact and disregards that it is an actually home to many people.

Be Smart Don't Play The Fool
A track that gives out the message to not always walk in the straight line they want you to walk in, to not follow the status quo. It tells us that we have to wake up and control our own lives, and no one can help you but you. "We are here for something greater than to pay bills and die".

Not The Answer
Just about as skate punk as it gets, bringing the melody and fast paced beat. This track who calls out those who thinks the world is against them for no reason. It has a really powerful message because too many people fall victim to the shitty mindset that no one likes them. The song talks about how life is not that bad, and how choosing the right group of people can make a huge difference in your life.

One More Day
A track we all could relate to, a song about missing someone after a break up. The feeling of sorrow after splitting up with a partner is a feeling we have all felt at one point or another. This song says what we all think during a break up. So not only does this track have relatable lyrics but an amazing riff as well, One More Day has it all!

On My Own
Moving forward with life starts with making the right choices, choices that will benefit you in the long run even if they do not make the most sense now, according to the song. The lyrics are 100% spot on and accurate, sometimes you have to sit back and think about what is right for you.

For You To Know
The shortest song on the album, clocking in at 23 seconds keeps the message short and sweet. A song dedicated to that somone special in your life that brightens up your day and makes you smile.

Melodic and fast, two of my most favorite characteristics of music combined with the tale of falling for someone you once believed, only to find out everything they said to you was a lie. Truly a bitter sweet track.

In The Nineties
The final track on "A Place To Home" is a nostalgia trip, as we look back on the 90s. This track makes reference to skateboarding and listening to the bands on Fat Wreck Chords at the time. A true nostalgia bomb including references to Mike Carroll (Pro Skater) and the skateboard brand Plan B. It really makes you wish you were there.

Another great release from 69enfermos, the album has left me satisfied. Although, I cannot wait to hear more out of the band hopefully in the near future. Only time will tell when we will hear another full length from the band but "A Place To Call Home" delivered on everything we wanted.

Final Score: ★★★★★

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender

You can download the review in its original format here: Mediafire


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