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Friday, November 24, 2017

Bash Brothers - Life Lessons (Review)

Forming in 2016, new Swedish punk rockers Bash Brothers present to us their second ever release as a band. Along with "S/T" EP that was released February of this year, the band has two releases in 2017 under their belts.

Falling Down
Kicking off the album. we have a fast paced banger, really hyping you up. Setting the bsr high for the rest of the album. Great instrumental work from the band, melody is definitely present on this track.

A Part Of Me
Hitting just as hard as the first track, track number two brings the heat with some amazing riffing, and fantastic vocals. Definitely a great track to headbang to. At the very least it is hard to not nod your head to this track. Probably, my favorite track on the record.

Gone Forever
A pretty punk sounding riff opens up this track, this song in particular I can hear the emotion in the screaming backing vocals on the track adds the emotional connection to the listener which is great, having that connection with a listener whether it is live or through a record is extremely important and is presented throughout the whole album, this track in particular.

Just Like You
This song features John Harcus of PMX, not only a great feature but a great sounding track. This album started strong and is carrying it all the throughout so far. The feature of John Harcus from PMX was welcomed surprise to say the least.

Keeping Me Awake
Another appearance by John Harcus on the record, two features in a row. Considering features on punk albums are rare makes it all the more special, with the addition of John the two songs he is on have that extra boost.

Life Lessons
The title track from the album still has the fast paced, high energy sound to it, which is no surprise, I love how this album came out. A great sound that you can connect with and forget about your problems, and jump around to.

Suit Yourself
The record's seventh track features dual vocals for the hook which came out sounding great. Excellent riffing, drum work, the whole nine yards. Great track, great work on all members of the band, including John Harcus.

You Are Fading Away
A pretty straighyt forward and relatable track, mixing a relatable track with great sounding instrumental back is always a thumbs up for me, done to perfection is this case. This band has not failed to impress yet on this album. Nothing but good things to say about this one.

Spending My Time
The second to last track showcases the meaning of melodic hardcore in full effect. Yet another headbanger on this album, with spot on vocals yet again. All the energy has shown to follow through the whole record, which I love completely.

Immutable Change
Closing the album we have one last energetic track, with a punk riff, a great way to end the album. As I expected, no power/energy lost. Started strong and ended strong.

A solid release from a relatively new band, all 10 tracks were great. Definitely can't wait to hear more from Bash Brothers. The feature of PMX's John Harcus was a welcomed surprise. This band is on the track to big things in the future that is for sure.

Final Score: ★★★

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender
You can download the review in its original format here: Mediafire


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