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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Force Events! - Force Events! (Review)

Belarussian punk band Force Events! totally pack a punch on their latest release. Although I do not nderstand their language, the sweet sound of punk rock is something that we all could understand regardless of language this whole album flows really well together, it's a smooth listen.

Отрешение / Тонуть или плыть (Sink Or Swim)
Starting off the album of a heavy note, this track is really good with the vocals oozing emotion as you can hear in the tone of voice the singer has while singing the song, this tarck also changes tempo a few times which adds to the overall great sound of the track. Perfect opening to the album.

Двойные стандарты (Double Standards)
With no emotion lost, the second track hits just as hard as the first one did. The guitar sound had a metal-ish tone for a second at a few points in the song in my opinion. According to the lyrics this is a politically charged track aimed at capitalism. It includes lyrics based on a politician's view of punks, with lyrics like "you will graduate institute and shave your mohawk". This song is a social commentary on how the punk scene was always viewed.

Преступление против человечества (Crime Against Humanity)
Another politically charged track, this one comments on how peace and prosperity is not in the  interest of those in power, and how they view our lives as nothing. Which in most cases is true in these past few years specifically, if anyone has watched the news lately which everyone does mostly all we hear about is violence in all different places in the world. This song makes that really clear for those don't grasp the concept.

Форсировать события (Force Events!)
Very heavy drum work, another song that has a really metal-ish tone at sometimes. This track focuses on the fact that we cannot wait for someone to make our choices for us, we have to get up and control things for ourselves because we don't know what is around the corner waiting for us or what to expect tomorrow.

Farewell (American Nightmare cover)
A great cover sounding almost identical to the original except for the languages being spoken in each version. The band did a fantastic job on this cover.

Никогда! Ничего! (How Many Songs Were Sung)
This track which is the shortest on the record, calls out the police and the bullshit laws they enforce, and how the elite stays elite and the everyone else can eat shit. A powerful and relevant message with the worlds's current state as of the past few years in particular.

Обывательский ад (Philistine Hell)
Society can ruin a person's potential to be different as told by this song, how society can take someone like a punk and neuter them like a cat rendering them a bland guy, just like eveyone else. Making references to someone removing all there tattoos this track does a great job at highlighting the fact that society can take someone that is different and turn them into nothing.

Борьба продолжается (The Struggle Continues)
The last track on the record, just as heavy and energetic as the first packs one last punch, with another track telling it how it is in this life with lyrics like "you won't change as hard as you will try" which for most people is sad but true. The album started and ended on a heavy note, I love it.

I really didn't know much about these rad dudes before this review but I'm stoked I found out about them, any punk rocker would appreciate this album because in my personally opinion everything about the record is solid, down to the cover art. All the songs are energetic and bring about fun vibes. I'm a bit bummed that I can't really understand what they're because the album is Belarussian.
Commenting on the structure of the songs would be a lot easier. The songs are not too short, or too long. Songs being too long could ruin a great album if there is no structure in the songs, luckily that is not the case here. I cannot wait to hear more from Force Events, this album was a great first impression on me from them. This record has a great sound. I recommend to any fan of the genre.

Final Score: ★★★★★

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender

You can download the review in its original format here: Mediafire


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