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Sunday, November 12, 2017

No Quarter - Freedom (Review)

Austrailian punk band No Quarter are back with their first release in 7 years! Their last releasing being "Lodestar" which was released almost exactly 7 years ago at the time this review is being written.
Releasing via Melodic Punk Style Records "Freedom" proved to be worth the 7 year wait, with the album featuring 12 tracks spanning 37 minutes!

The record opens up with a slower paced song, it exposes the singer's vocal range. The song picks up the pace and the melodic vocals continue, as the vocals pick up we get some sweet backup vocals even furthering the sense of melody within the track.

One Hundred Metres
A great riff opens up the albums second track carrying over all the melody from the opening song, great track with a snippet of audio from a newscast from the day of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC, evoking a sense of sadness in rememberance of the events of that day.

Abandon Ship This Fucker's Sinking
This song in my opinion has more of melodic metal-ish kind of sound (which is great). The message in this one is simple. S.O.S, the ship is sinking, grab the women and children first and let's get off the sinking ship.

The Air Up There
Sick guitar work on this track, with the unorthodox opening riff setting the tone for the track, as it were any surprise there is no shortage of melody is one. Complete with a heart pounding drum beat this track is a total banger.

Second Rate
Right off the bat with this song I get major Pennywise vibes. The vocals on this track sound great, solid and straight to the point. I love tracks that are fast and to the point. My favorite track of the album.

Almost every album has a track that makes you think to yourself "this song would be perfect in a Tony Hawk game", this is that song. It has a memorable hook and melodic vocals, what more could you want?

Bottle Tops And Jameson Shots
The ultimate party song, the "thank god it's the weekend" kind of song. A fun energetic track, where getting fucked up is the main idea. I like how closer to the end background chatter and cheering is added in with the music making for a real party kind of feeling.

The shortest track on the album is another one of my favorite tracks, I love the guitar sound on this one, where you can hear the absolute shredding that is going, also really good bass line on this one, I love it. Second Rate and this track are both in the lead for best track on the record.

A track named after one of my least favorite fast food places, opening with a cashier of a KFC telling a customer that the McChicken can "eat a dick" after the customer mistook the KFC for McDonald's is probably one of my favorite intros to a song ever, I legit had a chcukle at that. It is also a great track about being in the working class. A very relatable track.

The Devil's Greatest Trick Was Convincing The World He Didn't Exist
Great drum work to open up the track, yet another banger on the record and as if the title wasn't straight forward enough the song tells you that the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist, but these guys cannot be tricked. Lyrically my favorite track on the album.

The Biblical Retelling Of Vesa The Finnish Chuck Norris
Second to last track of the album brings us a song full of great insrumental work, the great vocals still continue on without a doubt. This track begs the question of "have you?" making for some interesting questions such as "have you ever seen a man who can ski uphill?" Great song all around.

Lost Boyz 4 Eva
Last track of the record, memorable hook, great way to end the record. Certainly ending on a high note, all throughout the album there was energy, melody, awesome lyrics, pretty much everything you would want an album to have, this track is no different with delivery on all of those things with one last solid track.

It was great to be able to review this album and to hear a new full length from No Quarter. As I stated earlier it has been a few years short of a decade since we have had a release from this band, with the amount of material we got for our wait it was worth it. Now let's hope we hear from No Quarter again very soon, maybe an EP in 2018?

Final Score: ★★★★✩

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender
You can download the review in its original format here: Mediafire


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