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Friday, December 1, 2017

Thanx 4 All The Shoes - Another Ride (Review)

Italian punk rockers Thanx 4 All The Shoes are back with their latest album "Another Ride". This is the first we have heard from the band since 2014's "The World is Not Yours" which featured 11 tracks. As the year is coming to a close this record this record is in the running for being in the top 5 list of best full length records of 2017.

One Pen, One Book
Starting us off with the first track, right off the bat once I hear the riff and even the drum work I automatically think of bands like Metallica. More towards the end of the track the riff switches up just a little bit and that is when I heard the Metallica influence in the drums. Great way to begin an album with a track that has a tempo change in the middle, but it picks back up before the end of the track. A truly rad song!

Another Ride
The record's title track brings the Metallica vibes once again, amazing song as was the first one. Stellar vocal work complete with both melodic and screaming vocals which is always a great touch in a track, especially early on in the record.

Russian Roulette
Keeping up the metal-ish riffs and screaming vocals, the third track proves to be the perfect track to mosh to. This is definitely another song that shows off the capabilities of the band, showcasing the vocal range and instrumental range also. This track is definitely a memorable one. The intro includes a revolver being spun and shot, great addition to this solid track.

Son Of The Gun
Opening up with a quote from the legendary Clint Eastwood in the 1966 classic "The Good, The Bad and, The Ugly". The addition of said quote just goes to show how rad this track is, most likely my favorite track on the record. The vocal range used for this song is amazing, so with a properly placed quote from Clint Eastwood, and great vocals there's no way that this is not the best track on this album.

Hope And Wait
This track is totally defining "thrashing skate punk", I cannot help but to feel that a lot of emotion went into this song. Something about the undertone and lyrical matter leads me to believe that. It takes a lot of emotion to write and perform a song in the first place, but when I say emotion in this case I mean repressed emotion such as pent up anger. If this is true, it is noticable without a doubt.

Declaration Of War
Almost a complete 180 to the previous tracks, we get yet another headbanger with a excellent riff and complimenting chanting vocals this track hits hard in a good way, going heavy from the beginning to the end. Rad track.

Flipping the script a bit this track is more punk than anything else if you ask me. This album so far has had more of a metal vibe to it which is not a bad thing, but to hear more of a punk influence is great. Albums that have variety are the best because you are not hearing something that has the same tone track after track and the band does a great job capturing the variety aspect.

A memorable is what we are given with this one along with some great melodic vocals, makes for a near perfect track, an easy song to sing along with I could imagine this song being a crowd favorite when played live. Nothing is better than singing along with a band whether it be through record or when you see the band live. A great closer song for a live set.

Wasted Life
This one has to be a social commentary on how ungrateful people can be, even with all the things they have in their life, with lyrics like "stop complaining that you don't get shit" the message here is straight forward and simple to not take for granted the things that you are fortunate enough to have instead of worrying about the things that you don't.

Postcard From Kobane
To close out this album the track has a slow, calm intro that leads us into our final banger, a track about missing something and being missed. Along with reminiscing on memories this track is very personal and would mean a lot to anyone who is missing something in their life. This song is full of melodic and is a great way to close a great album.

I had really high hopes for this album and I am glad to say that Thanx For All The Shoes delivered and totally did not disappoint, I enjoyed this album start to finish and I was stoked to review, grateful to have had the oppurtunity to do so. A great addition to the Thanx For All The Shoes discography.

Final Score: ★★★

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender

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