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Monday, December 25, 2017

The Jukebox Romantics - Sleepwalk Me Home (Review)

The local legends of downstate New York are back with their first studio album since the band's 2015 release "Transmissions Down". "Sleepwalk Me Home" is a great based off the uplifting lyrics and positive message that life has it's good and bad moments, but there is always better days ahead. As for the sound of the album it comes off as a fast, fun, and energetic sounding punk album and who doesn't love that?

Breaking Rad
Kicking off this album we have a complete banger that is sure to get you hyped up, getting the energy flowing for the rest of the record. Great opener, very memorable lyrics. One of the best "sing along" kind of songs.

Buried With Children
The second track of the record brings us a great melodic track, complete with the "woah-ohs". This song begs the question "have you ever wondered what it feels like when you die?" which actually can make you think about what it feels like when you die. Complete with a music video filmed in my hometown.

Jerry Gallo's Dead
This song has a title based on a quote from the 1992 movie "My Cousin Vinny". As for the track itself, it has a smooth flow, amazing lyrics and rad breakdown in the middle of the song. As a stated before the lyrics for this track are great, dealing with the topics of loneliness and suicide. Common feelings in my people, the way they are addressed make it great.

Suns Out, Buns Out
A song that details having a great summer after a shitty winter, knowing that even if things are not great at the moment, times change along with how you feel. I can't gurantee if that is the actual meaning of the song but that is what I take from it.

First Time You, First Time Me
This song's intro reminds me a lot of early blink-182, the message in this track is a message of unity. "If we all stand together, we can make this life better if we tried". It is a simple but strong message of positivity. Definitely a great track!

Gringo Starr
Another track that has the message of positivity, this song tells us about being dead with a chance to be alive. It also tells us about how simply taking another look at everything can give you a better grasp on life.

War And Piece Of Mind
This song in particular means a lot to me, especially with my ongoing issues with anxiety. It means a lot to know that you're not alone in what you go through on a day to day basis, to me there is no better feeling than having people that underdstand and this track does a great job at expressing the feeling of anxiety.

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Dad
Instrumentally one of my favorite tracks on the record, this one is really deep lyrically, tons of melody in this song. The title of the song is great too, a word play on the saying "You're gonna miss me when I'm dead".

Sleepwalk Me Home
The album's title track, this one is about the bass player Bobby's issue with sleepwalking and how it affects him and those around him. A solid track with a killer opening bass line. This is the second to last track on the album and it is closing just as well as it opened up.

In The Meantime (Steve's Song)
Closing out the record is a tribute song to the drummer Norm's cousin Steve who passed away after a 23 year battle with Cystic Fiberosis. Family and friends of the band can be heard singing along at the end of the song. There is no better way to end a record than with a memorial song.

Conclusion: The Jukebox Romantics released what is this best record to date. This album pulled so much emotion out of me personally and I recommend it to any one who likes punk/pop punk.

Final Score: ★★★★★

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender

You can download the review in its original format here: Mediafire


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