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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Krang - Singalong (Review)

Melodic Punk Style is becoming my favorite record label about a rapid pace, after they released Suntrace's "Skate Fast Eat Ass" in 2017 I was amazed by the amount of talented bands they have on their label, with Krang being no exception.

Life Is Like A Mortal Kombat
Kicking us off for "SIngalong" we have a great example of skate punk at its finest, the opening is an absolute shredder. Very energetic track, I had to fight the urge to two-step while writing this review. I love the use of Mortal Kombat in the song's title also, because every has played the game at some point. A subtle but sweet reference.

 The third shortest track on the record has a memorable hook,"IDDQD!". With another showing of a great instrumental work from the band, this track is short but sweet. Definitely a great song!

King Of A Dancefloor
Another one of my favorite tracks on the record, the riffing on this song is some of the best on the album. Also it is very melodic in terms of the vocals. In my personal opinion this one of those "feel good" kind of songs. Another song under 2 minutes long it is short and to the point.

No Fun In Fundamentalism
Not to be confused with NOFX's track of the same name, this song is the shortest of the shortest of the short on the album, the message is awesome on this one calling out religion by stating that "there is no fun in killing people for your god". Which is a pretty big problem in pretty much every religion with extremists taking it way too seriously and are willing to kill anyone who they think are "unpure" in their higher power's eyes.

Zombies Should Be Slow
Right off the bat with this song we hear some amazing drum work followed up by great vocals and rad lyrics, this might be my most favorite track on this record, this is a total banger in my opinion I have not been disappointed by any track so far and I don't think I will be.

I Ain't Got Time To Bleed
Pure skate punk goodness is how I think this track should be described, this kind of reminds me of Sum 41 in their early days, like something you would hear on "Half Hour of Power". Really solid track from beginning to end, great backing vocals, really adding to how great this track is.

Indiana Jones Hates Snakes And Nazis
Another pop culture reference in a title of a song, this time it is Indiana Jones, one of the most iconic main characters in movie history, as if it were any surprise this is another awesome track, great work lyrically and from every member of the band, not to mention the hilarous title of the song.

Better Dead Than Brown Or Red
Fast, and melodic exactly what you want in a skate punk song and believe me when I tell you this song delivers on all fronts. Fast paced, tons of melodic, just how I like it, too bad this album is almost over, it is really good!

Fuck Fast Fashion
I believe this song is about how workers in clothing factories are treated and how people wearing the clothes made by said people are unaware of the means that their clothes were created unders, and how the manufactuers are treated. It truly is a shame how factory workers are treated.

Kick Ass Or Chew Bubble Gum
Opening the song with Roddy Piper's iconic quote from "They Live" released in 1988. I love the use of that audio clip mainly because I am an avid pro wrestling fan, this track means you are faced with two choices pretty much always and those two choices are you can either kick ass or you can chew bubble gum, and to come to a decision you must listen to your inner voice.

This is personal first for me, a punk rock cover of a Beatles song! I was never a fan of The Beatles, so I can't honestly say I know what the original song sounds like but I'm pretty sure this version is better. I appreciate the originality of the idea to cover a Beatles song because I said before I have never seen that done until now.

Conclusion: Melodic Punk Style and Bird Attack Records strike again with another great release. Czech skate punkers Krang really put passion into this record and it shows. The one thing I don't like about this record is how fast it goes by. It is just about 20 minutes long but it goes by really quick. But a great album nonetheless. Great job dudes.

Final Score: ★★★★★

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender
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