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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Upcoming Releases / Latest Singles

2018 has started, and there's many albums set to be out on the next months!
So, I made a list of upcoming releases:

Krang - Singalong / January 21
A Vulture Wake - The Appropriate Level Of Outrage / January 31
Dizclaimers - Pandattack! / February 01
NHA - De Acuerdo / February 01
A Second Plan - Defy Gravity / February 10
Templeton Pek - Watching The World Come Undone / February 23
Actionmen & Dead Neck - Defections / February?
The Human Project - Clarion Call / March-April?

Here I share a folder with all latest singles I have to date: MEGA

I'll keep adding new stuff (deleting old) in the folder as soon as I get it. ūüėČ