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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Second Plan - Californium (Unreleased) (2012)

These demo songs were recorded between 2010-2012 to be released as a new album called "Californium". Some of these songs have been re recorded for band's upcoming album "Defy Gravity".


01. ... And Capitalism Rocks Too
02. WMT
03. Melrose Fake
04. Recalculating
05. Don't Pick Up The Soap
05. Reset
07. Love Stories Always Find A Tragic Ending
08. Neurasthenia
09. Untitled

Genre: Skatepunk / Melodic Hardcore
Quality: MP3 128kbps
File Size: 29.8 MB
Release Date: ?
Label: Self Released
Country: USA (California) / France (Marseille)
Stream: Soundcloud
Download: Mediafire


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