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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Torches - New Ways, Same Fire (Review)

Torches (Hardcore Punk from Spain) released their latest album "New Ways, Same Fire" in late 2017. It is a very solid record, these guys did a great job at creating something original. They're definitely doing an awesome job representing their native country in the global punk scene.

Opening up this album, "Void" is an awesome track. Right off the bat we get a taste of what is to come, these guys give true meaning to the term "Melodic Hardcore" with this song (and the whole album for that matter. "Void" started off the record on a high note.

Into The Fire
The second track of an album is just as important to the overall opinion of a record as the first, and this song does not disappoint. The sound of this song leans more towards the typical "punk" sound, which is never a bad thing. So far, so good.

The Rose Of Fire
Continuing on with the album, we come to track number three, a track that details the decline of the community (that is the impression I got based on the lyrics). I love the message of this song, it is strong but simple, which is great.

This album has not let me down yet, and I don't expect it to! I love songs that tell stories much like this one does. It is a very deep track and the lyrics reflect that fact. It is accompanied by a great instrumental track to cap it all off.

New Ways
This song gives me the impression that is about starting over new void of other people's unnecessary drama and what comes along with said drama, it should be relatable to pretty much everyone because it is common to have a drama wrapped person in their life that they can definitely life without.

Narrow Views
This song goes out to anyone who is close minded to new ideas or music etc. From what I took from this song I can conclude that when you have a closed mind you can be missing out on something that may be your favorite thing in the world, maybe even something that could potentially change your life.

The Good War
Here we are, my favorite track on the album, both instrumentally and lyrically. Despite all the messages on this album the message from this track maybe the strongest. It tells us about the only war that is worth fighting, and that war is for your freedom, strong words from the band on this one. Easily my favorite track.

Fallen Friend
Throughout my rather short life I have been lucky enough to not have a friend of mine die. I can gurantee that there is nothing good about losing a good friend. You can hear the emotion in the music on this track. It is a touchy subject and it handled well by the band for this song.

The Things We Leave Behind
Being the last track on the album, it definitely does not disappoint. As it is a complete opposite from the last song which is about losing a friend to an unfortunate circumstance, this song however is about cutting off a shitty friend for personal benefit, that point is made clear by the passionate lyrics.
Without a doubt a great way to close a tight record.

Conclusion: Torches blew me away on this album, doing this review was really due to the fact that I was trying to figure out the message of each song (which I hope I did correctly). Awesome record, kudos to the band.

Final Score: ★★★★✩

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender
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