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Friday, April 27, 2018

Faith (Full Discography)

Faith was a 4-piece fast melodic punk rock band from Tokyo, Japan active between 2004-2008.
All their records were out through japanese label Caffeine Bomb Records.
Their music mixes highly technical guitar riffs, impressive bass parts and great vocal melodies. Totally in the vein of Strung Out and Rufio.
Well,  that's all I know about them.
Personally, Faith is my third favorite j-punk band, after Sunsgrind and Waterweed.
Many people were asking me to share Faith's full discography on the blog, so here it is. All ripped in MP3 V0 format from the orginal CDs. You find it just here on Screaming Fastcore.

Faith - Cuz Believing Is Doing Right······ (2004)
Faith - When God Judges All....... (2006)
Faith - The Third Eye That Sees The Truth (2007)
Faith - Maybe One Day We'll Wake Up And This Will All Just Be A Dream (2008)