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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Consumed - A Decade Of No (Bonus Tracks Edition) (2018)

This edition includes 3 previously unreleased tracks from "Pistols At Dawn" sessions. All purchases of the vinyl come with a download card which includes the 6-song EP, plus, those 3 bonuses.


01. Wake Up Warning
02. Devil's Chords
03. Obscene Like Beverley Dean
04. And Anyone Else Who Knows Me
05. What Would Cliff Burton Do
06. Cut Me Down
07. Get Lost Shorty (Previously Unreleased)
08. Le Weekend (Previously Unreleased)
09. Can I Be The One? (Previously Unreleased)

Genre: Punk Rock / Skatepunk
Quality: MP3 V0 / MP3 320 / FLAC (Bandcamp)
File Size: 54 MB / 63.2 MB / 200 MB
Release Date: July 13, 2018
Label: Umlaut Records / SBÄM Records
Country: UK (Nottinghamshire)
Buy: Umlaut Store
Download: MP3 V0 / MP3 320 / FLAC

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