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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fullcount - Part Of The Game (Review)

The trajectory of a band is like a rollercoaster with upsides and downsides, great records comes out like a not at all records quality too comes out, the past years some disappointments fill our fans souls with particular last releases of two canadian bands: Belvedere The Revenge of the Fifth record comes first with a real disappointment and later the last one of Mute was not good as the other last two records before Remember Death, two great bands but with a last release not good as the fans waiting for them.
Here we are some years later with the second full length by another canadian band from the all known city of Quebec, they left very good impressions with Concessions & Compromises (2014), this first album was featured by the debut of Promotional EP (2012), featured by five great songs full of power and the technical of the great canadian melodic hardcore and that songs are in all the senses a bit different as they were recorded again and the sound of that songs is unique as well they sound in the first full length.
Part of the Game returns where Consessions & Compromises was end, the same composition and melodies style is keep it and the fans of the first one full length don’t be disappointed, featured by 12 songs with the return of the well-known vocals style that in some moments reminds me another great band from the UK, Darko, both have the style of crusty vocals in the main vocals. This new album features some impressive songs with great riffs in the intro of each song as in the chorus parts and with the solos well done executed as The Motion in overall the work behind the guitars is amazing with a solid execuions in the drums.
But not everything inside the new album is perfect some weak songs appears in punctual order in the tracklist and the most notorious moment comes in the end part with two songs not good as the end will be in every record, close with the same energy as the album opens don’t happen here.

Back Against The Wall
The first one always had a work to complete is the open song of album and in this case is one of the best ones in Part Of Game great intro with harmonies in the guitars making a nice solo breaking the standards, the same harmonies repeat in the critical parts in all the song.

More quiet energy in Killdozer the vocals appears more soon with a instant intro, this is the first one with backup vocals behind trying to give some support in the chorus of the song great addition of this melodies that appears in whole the song again the end of the song is with a nice solo performing.

The Motion
Surprisely The Motion is the first single released before the full length album was launched and maybe this song works too fine to open the album is one of the best ones and maybe not too far the best song of the album featured by guest vocals such as Etienne Dione from Mute. Great work in the guitars making the best riffs and solos in all the song.

Dry Bite
After the opera prima titled The Motion ends the next song had the bad luck to continue the tracklist but after that the song stands so well again with the good handle in the vocals the good guitars work also appears but not with the strong of the past song.

The Host
The second single is not good as we can assume as the position of this second single but it again repeats the winner formula with the signature of Fullcount the vocals and the guitars if you wait something like The Motion this song is a little too far from the quality of that one.

Ten Shots Deep
The most extensive song of whole album maybe appears in the right moment some speed changes in the vocals give the sensation to you hears, the most melodic chorus in the lyrics appears in this song behind the performing some melodic guitars harmonies share the stage both in the same way featured by in the end with a long outro.

Discord & Treachery
With a change in the execution in the intro riff begins this song, maybe the most aggressive song in whole album, the explosive vocals with all energy in some particular parts of the song, aggression and speed two great ingredients with the fine touch of riffs, easy chorus to learn and repeat again and again when you hear the song.

Alter Ego
A 180 degrees change in the style of the song the slowest style showed to this date by Fullcount but is great impressive catchy song with nice chorus behind in all the performing some cool down with Alter Ego to recharge the batteries to finish the rest of the album, the particular chorus makes you sing it with the passion that the vocals transmit, some good riffs in the middle of the song make the well done work.

Maze Dream
Freak speed begin with the drums in this song with the addition of the guitars compositions this is because Maze Dream works like an intro song very short it need to be very intense and it achieve the goal.

Leap Of Faith
The finish of the album begins according the last song Maze Dream this is logic and with this we have the weakest point of whole album, Leap Of Faith however doesn’t make this so audible with some decent chorus performing raise to be not at all disappointed.

Losing At Bullshit
Left the part of the nice intro with the riffs in the guitars again Losing At Bullshit save some dignity with this great work but the weak point comes in the structure in general of this song not great chorus or outstanding vocals performance that shares side to side with the guitars.

Dare Me Once
The end of the album is not as some fans want every time we want the same quality as the best songs show us in the whole album Dare Me Once maybe will be more great it doesn’t have the powerfull end feeling last song, maybe again the weak point resides in the performing in the vocals not the same level quality that we hear in the middle songs of the album or in the beginning of it, the good part of the album again the incredible good handle of the harmonies and riffs of the guitars.

Final Conclusion:
Impressive begin and middle of Part Of The Game album by Fullcount but the end is feel like we have a decrease awesomeness level in the performing of the chorus and in the vocals in general all of the end of the album is saved again and again with the perfect execution of all instruments drums and the well handle guitars with their impressive solos and riffs in the crucial and hard moments of this particular songs. In overall outstanding album but sadly not perfect at all with these awesome songs like: Back Against The Wall, Killdozer, The Motion, Ten Shots Deep, Discord & Treachery and Alter Ego. 

Final Score: ★★★★✩

Review written by: Punkerman_00
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