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Friday, December 7, 2018

Screaming Fastcore Interviews Kenny Lush (Daggermouth)

Daggermouth is a fast pop punk / hardcore-influenced act from Vancouver, Canada. 
The band was formed in 2004 and released two studio albums in 2005 and 2007, respectively. After more than 10 years without releasing any new music, they have some news!
Recently, Kenny Lush (Daggermouth guitarist), sat down with our SF boy, Felipe (who's living in Canada), and talked about band plans for 2019, local scene, tours, and many more... So, let's start!

馃憠 Musical influences:

Which are your main musical influences?
Lagwagon, Lifetime, Good Riddance, Nirvana.

Which are your fav bands and music genders nowadays?
Nowadays, I still listen to a lot of Lifetime and Jawbreaker. The new Shook Ones is really good. I still mostly listen to punk and hardcore.

Which are your fav Canadians bands?
The best Canadian bands are Gob and SNFU!

Which are your fav bands from the rest of the world?
I like Hightower from France. Hi-Standard will always be my favorite Japanese band. 

Do you know any punk band from South America?
Sadly, I don't really know many bands from South America. Who should I listen to?

馃憠 Knowing the band:

Can you tell us about the old and new members of the band? Who is new and who is an old member?
The only newest member is Mikey who we have known since he was a kid. He's playing guitar. He tooks Stus guitar spot because Stu is now singing. Dana is playing bass and he was the bass player on Stallone. And Dan Don is drumming and he was the drummer on Turf Wars. And I'm still playing guitar.

Any of the members have any parallel music projects? I remember watching one band with a female vocal…
You must be thinking of one of Mikey's band's called Wirehead. They got female vox. Mikey also plays in New Rituals. Dan Don is in Elder Abuse. Dana and Stu are in Youth Decay.

Do you consider Daggermouth a band that should be playing more at least in Vancouver?
We don't want to play too much locally. I think the small ammount we are playing right now is good. We don’t want to get over played or sick of it. We are kinda just looking at the band as a vacation band.

How do you see Daggermouth in the Canadian punk scene?
Um, I don't think we are anything special in the Canadian scene. We tended to tour the US more when we were originally together. Hopefully one day we will be Canadian legends like SNFU, haha

I know Canada is a big country, so I've been wondering why bands from the east coast aren't touring here and vice versa. Is Daggermouth popular in Quebec for example?
Canada is just so huge and the cities are so far spread apart so its hard for a small east coast band to make it out this way and vice versa. When we played Pouzza Fest a while back it was a great show, so hopefully Quebec likes us, haha

How is your relationship with bigger bands like, Belvedere (as an example), who are now playing again and touring around the world?
We don't know the Belvedere guys too well but we love the band. Steve is a great dude and it's rad they're playing again. We played in Kelowna this past summer with them and they still rip.

馃憠 Band plans:

Any new music soon?
Maybe a new record!!! Yah we are finishing up an EP right now. It's coming along very slowly because we are all so busy with work and life but hopefully this Winter we will get it done.

Would you consider finishing those instrumental songs from "Daggermouth - Fuck It Dude, Unreleased Pre Pro" of 2008?
A few of those songs will be on the EP. We reworked em and stuff so we are excited about that.

What should we expect from Daggermouth in 2019?
Hopefully, some new music and hopefully, we can hit up some new cities to play.

馃憠 Touring:

Do you guys have any plans on touring outside North America? 
We would love to get back to Europe again. We are always down to tour outside North America.

I have mentioned to you the "We Are One Tour" in South America, have you been contacted already?
Not really. It looks like a great tour though.

Would you guys like to go to South America?
We would love to do South America.

What do you know about South America's punk scene and culture?
The South American punk scene looks rad from what I can see, that We Are One Tour looks rad. I wish it would come to Vancouver, haha.

馃憠 Message to the fans:

Do you know the site Screaming Fastcore?
Yeah, I've come across it on the internet before.

What's your opinion about sharing music online?
In today's world I don't mind music being shared online. Things have changed so much and the more people that hear your stuff the better.

Do you think the music industry hasn't adapted to the changes?
I think the industry is trying hard to adapt and keep up so they don't become useless but I guess time will tell how they adapt.

What message would you like to send to the South American fans?
Thanks for taking time to read this. We would love to get out to South America in the new year.

Photos by: Gary Marschka.

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