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Monday, May 6, 2019

Screaming Fastcore Interviews Stefan Bratt (Atlas Losing Grip / No Fun At All / Enemy Alliance)

Stefan Bratt is a Swedish musician / songwriter, founder member of Atlas Losing Grip / Enemy Alliance and current bassist on No Fun At All. He also supported Satanic Surfers on their last Canadian tour.
Well, I think the first idea of this interview crossed my mind when I was writing that Rodrigo Alfaro's Megapost the last year, cuz I had several unanswered questions about Atlas Losing Grip and Enemy Alliance. Some weeks later, I decided to contact Stefan (nobody better than him), to clear my (our) doubts through an interview. Finally it's done, so let's start!

How did you join No Fun At All?
Simply, they contacted me and asked if I was interested, which I was. I knew the guys a bit since before, we did a bunch of shows together with ALG. I didn't have any full time band at the moment so I thought about it for a while and then accepted the offer.

What are your main punk rock influences overall?
Hm. Bad Religion will probably be my main punk influence followed by Satanic Surfers and Propagandhi. At least from the melodic punk side. I listen to a lot of music, including d-beat and crust/grind and there are other bands that might have influenced other parts of my musical life too.

I know metal is very well-known in Sweden. What other music genres or bands outside of punk rock do you enjoy?
I listen to very much and different music. If I get a feeling from a song then it doesnt matter what genre it is. Its all about feeling something from what im listening to. I enjoy extreme metal, singer songwriters and everything inbetween.

How was Atlas Losing Grip born? Was it your first band or did you have previous ones?
ALG was not my first band. I had different bands since back in 94 or something, but ALG was the first of my bands that became THAT serious.
It all started out cause I felt I wanted to play pure skatepunk again, since it was all dead in Sweden back in 05. So I wrote some shitty songs and got some guys together to play.

How did you meet Rodrigo Alfaro and how did he end up assuming vocal duties on Atlas Losing Grip?
I met Rodrigo at punk shows around Malmö. Then we had some contact about playing death metal together, cause at the time I was in a death metal band called Arsonist. Maybe around 03/04. Then when Satanic Surfers was put to sleep around 06 and they started up Enemy Alliance he gave me a call to see if I wanted to try out some bass guitar. I did and became a member. We became good friends and he missed singing in a band so he was interested in joining forces with ALG. I guess he saw good potential in us, haha.

I know a song from "Shut The World Out" album was re-recorded with Rodrigo's voice. Were there more songs or demos from that album with Rodrigo on vocals?
Correct, the song Shut The World Out from that album was recorded with his vocals for the Watching The Horizon 10" vinyl. That was the only one. But we played a lot of those old songs live with him on vocals!

Did Rodrigo write all lyrics for "Watching The Horizon", "State Of Unrest" and "Currents", or there were other band members writing lyrics?
Rodrigo wrote all the lyrics!

How did you and the guys take the fact of Rodrigo leaving the band, just after finishing the recording of "Currents"? Was it easy to find a new singer?
The thing with this is that it was way more complicated than him just wanting out of the band. We had different discussions about the band and we couldnt get all the pieces together to continue with him on vocals. Some of us wanted to do the band in one way, and others in another way. Plus a fucking manager we worked with at the time who just poured in extra frustration and bad vibes to the situation. So the only solution we found was him leaving ALG. If you dig into the lyrics of Currents there are quite a few hints that he wasn't at all pleased with the situation as it was before he left. Mixed feelings I guess...
I knew Niklas a bit at the time and thought he was the only one that could fit Rodrigo's shoes. So that choice was easy.

Did Niklas Olsson re-recorded vocals for more "Currents" songs or only the couple songs which have music videos?
We only re-recorded to be able to do lyric- and promotional videos. It felt weird and sometimes quite awkward to do it but we had to. Especially for Niklas, singing such personal lyrics in front of a camera. This is my observation of it all, at least. 

Any plans for an Atlas Losing Grip reunion show in the future?
No plans at all. I have written a lot of music for ALG which was never used so it would be fun to record and release it one day somehow. But I think if this should be possible to do as ALG, then we all really need some more time first. And I'm busy with NFAA and Max and Rodrigo are busy with Satanic Surfers.

Tell us more about Enemy Alliance. I know Rodrigo and you recorded a 13-song full-length album called "Damnation Dawning" in 2008. Any plans to release it sometime?
You are not the first to ask and wonder, haha! 
Yep, there is a full-length lying around waiting to be released. We talked about getting our shit together and finally do it this year. Let us all hope for that!!

Finally, what are your thoughts about the punk rock scene nowadays? Any shout outs to give to the Screaming Fastcore crew and its followers?

I am happy that this community is still so big and has so many fans and followers! And I am beyond greatful that so many people have been showing so much interest in my music and creativity! It means the world to me, really! Go follow me and my friends in No Fun At All and Satanic Surfers, catch a show or two if possible and keep on looking and listening to new bands too! Cheers!

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