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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Zebrahead - Brain Invaders (Deluxe Edition) (2019)


01. When Both Sides Suck, We're All Winners
02. I Won't Let You Down
03. All My Friends Are Nobodies
04. We're Not Alright
05. You Don't Know Anything About Me
06. Chasing The Sun
07. Party On The Dancefloor
08. Do Your Worst
09. All Die Young
10. Up In Smoke
11. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi
12. Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)
13. Better Living Through Chemistry
14. Bullet On The Brain
15. If Your Looking For Your Knife...I Think My Back Found It
16. All My Friends Are Nobodies (Acoustic-Ish)
17. We're Not Alright (Acoustic-Ish)

Genre: Pop Punk / Punk Rock
Quality: MP3 320kbps
File Size: 125 MB
Release Date: August 09, 2019
Label: MFZB Records
Country: USA (California)
Stream / Buy: iTunes
Download: MEGA